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When each of our 26 World Cup Stops to date reached the final night of celebration, that was when the real Media work began. With TV distribution to over 500 million viewers and Print / Photo items going to 192 Countries, our World Cup Media machine moves in to overdrive as the closing ceremony music begins to play and the athletes and fans enjoy the banquet.

With such wide World Cup media distribution, much is only seen locally. That is how the system works best. However, it does mean that you might not get a chance to see the exposure in other territories unless you catch it on your travels by accident.  Many do as our TV shows are repeated over and over again and the Magazines pass from hand to hand.

One of our greatest fans is a Magazine called Wasserski & Wakeboard. This high quality publication is for German speakers in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland. The talented Publisher behind this is the famous Franz Kirsch. His Waterski, Barefoot, EAME and Boesch Boat talents are known and respected throughout our sport. His magazine is available via   Franz has followed our World Cup closely and is one of the first to always receive our World Cup photos and text. So, what does he do with them ?  Well, he works miracles and really does capture the fun and excitement of each World Cup Stop for the fans who could not be there. Here are some scans of his pages over the 2008 season – and as you can see, every World Cup Stop is special ! Congratulations to all our great World Cup rganisers in Egypt, Malaysia, Russia, Qatar and Singapore.