World Cup Star Ageliki Andriopoulou GRE will defend her World Jump Champion title

World Cup Star Ageliki Andriopoulou GRE will defend her World Jump Champion title

Every two years, countries around the world select their very best Waterski athletes to compete for the titles of World Champion in their respective disciplines. With over 30 million active participants in our sport, all eyes will be on these 2011 World Championships taking place on July 17/24 in Russia. We will especially watch our World Cup Stars in action as they fight for World Champion titles in the coming days.

This weekend will see athletes, IWWF officials and supporters arriving at Moscow’s Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo Airports for transfer to the City of Dubna on the picturesque Volga River. Dubna, Russia’s watersports capital and renowned for its international academic facilities and research centres, is steeped in Waterski history. Local Russian athlete, Natalia Rumyantseva, set five World Tricks Records dating back to 1979. The City also has the unique distinction of having hosted six successful Waterski World Cup Stops in recent years and will provide a spectacular stage for this major sporting occasion.

All World Cup followers will already have seen photos of the 30,000 permanent seats at Dubna’s World Cup Watersports Arena. This will bring a special atmosphere to these World Championships. City Mayor Valery Prokh and his team have worked wonders in developing the local watersports facilities in this Region of Moscow, widely regarded as the best in Russia. MasterCraft will supply the competition boats and Chief judge, Nikki Lee USA will manage the 21 IWWF officials and technicians who will travel from fourteen countries to ensure success.

Throughout the 2011 World Waterski Championships, a special information channel will be available at :

There will also be an active Twitter feed at : @ChiefJudgeDubna

The latest available Timetable summary for next week’s activities is as follows :

Saturday 16th:


Sunday 17th :

Accreditation and Official Opening Ceremony

Monday 18th :

Preliminary Rounds – Slalom and Jump / Men & Women

Tuesday 19th :

Preliminary Rounds – Slalom Men and Tricks Women and Men

Wednesday 20th:

Preliminary Rounds  – Slalom Women and Men , Women Jump and Men Tricks – and International Hall of Fame Ceremony

Thursday 21st Morning :

IWWF World Congress

Thursday 21st Afternoon :

Preliminary Rounds – Men Jump

Friday 22nd:

Completion of Preliminary Rounds

Saturday 23rd : Finals Women Slalom, Men Tricks, Women Jump – and Medals Presentation

Sunday 24th :

Finals Men Slalom, Women Tricks and Men Jump – and Medals Presentation

Sunday 24th :

Closing Ceremony, Banquet and Volga River Cruise

The very hospitable Dubna organizers are renowned for their enthralling Opening and Closing Ceremony presentations. As this is the most important Waterski tournament ever organized at this very impressive Watersports Arena in Russia, some surprises await the athletes and audience during what promises to be a fascinating World Waterski Championships.

Reports and photos will be available throughout these Championships at :