Harley Clifford, Daniel Powers, Andrew Adkison and Steel Lafferty

Harley Clifford, Daniel Powers, Andrew Adkison and Steel Lafferty

The atmosphere here in Kuching City in Sarawak Borneo is fantastic. It seems like the World Cup Stop has already started with thousands on site all day today just to enjoy the preparations for the weekend’s action on the water. Between the Malaysia Day celebrations, the historic Sarawak Regatta which dates back to 1872 – and our Wakeboard World Cup Stop, its like an enormous Carnival. The riverside is full of restaurants and shops and it seems like every family in Sarawak has taken the weekend off to enjoy the fun.

Arriving today were World Champions Harley Clifford and Raimi Merrit from Australia and the USA, past World Champions Andrew Adkison and Robbie Rendo from the USA and Argentina, Rookie of the Year Steel Lafferty and rising star Daniel Powers from the USA, the British title challenger Dan Nott, and many others. Just walking in the door right now are Belgium’s Elke Venken and Netherlander Michael Timmers. With Practice kicking off at 07.30hrs on Friday, its time for some serious business.

The Sarawak Regatta has already started. With over 6,000 Paddlers in 400 Long Boats, its an extraordinary sight. Villages have their own specialist crews and honour is at stake here ! The roaring crowds and huge sound system was deafening today and has created a very special atmosphere. With over 140 years of history, we can only imagine what winning must mean. Its the Super Bowl and Rugby World Cup combined !

Hanifah Yoong’s team and the Sarawak State Government via its Ministry of Tourism and Heritage have done an outstanding job. This is certainly the way to expose our sport to valuable new audiences around the world. Of course it also help to support our WAKEBOARD 2020 VISION project for the Olympics bid on the horizon.

Good luck to all our World Cup Rider in this fantastic location of Kuching. Put it on your vacation list right now !

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