One of the great privileges flowing from involvement in our Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup series is recognising that it can make an important and very positive impact on entire communities. Inspired by seeing our top World Cup athletes in action, lives can change in a very positive way. Here is a great example that caught the headlines today.

Malaysia hosted our World Cup for the first time at Putrajaya’s Watersports Complex in November 2008 – less than two years ago. The sport was almost unknown at that time. There were very few Malaysian Skiers or Riders. Last weekend, Putrajaya hosted a Round of the Malaysian Waterski & Wakeboard Championships.  A total of 83 athletes took part and half of these were from Malaysia. Putrajaya City’s President, Tan Sri Samsudin Osman presented the medals. Paul Fong, Confederation President of the IWWF, officiated.

In just two years, this is an extraordinary achievement. However, it is in the details that we really see how far Malaysia has come at grass roots level, where it really matters. For example, two years ago, gifted photographer Armand Ali attended our first World Cup Stop at Putrajaya. On returning home, he was processing his shots when his young son Anakin Ali asked “what’s that Dad ?” Last weekend, just two years later, the same 8 year old Anakin broke Malaysia’s Shortboard Record with a very impressive score of 1040 points. It was only his second competition ever. Also, the competition’s youngest athlete was Aaliyah Yoong Hanifah. This 6 year old athlete also set a new Shortboard Record for her category of 960 points !

Anakin Ali breaks National Shortboard Record

Anakin Ali breaks National Shortboard Record

Congratulations to Putrajaya, the Malaysian Waterski & Wakeboard Federation, and to Hanifah Yoong Yin Fah who has worked tirelessly in creating a very impressive squad of young Waterski and Wakeboard athletes in Malaysia – all in just two years !  Watch our for Malaysian athletes at major international events in the not too distant future. This sets a great example to other communities around the globe. The World Cup legacy is certainly alive and well !