World Cup TV Shows, News Edits and Global Media ReleasesMediadvice LLC and Videosol London are professional companies involved in the business of measuring TV impact for specific sports. These have included the America’s Cup, Universiade in Korea, FISU, Wrestling, etc. Our Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup team hired their services to assess our TV performance for the 2007 season. The resulting statistics contain some major surprises.

One of the main objectives of our World Cup team in 2007 was to maximize TV station reach via our SPECIAL News and Highlights productions. Every World Cup Stop receives the full treatment ! It is estimated that over 80% of TV contacts made are achieved via short News items rather than via full TV magazine shows. We set out to take advantage of this proven fact.

According to Mediadvice LLC and Videosol London, our World Cup 2007 series achieved the following :


  • Europe 144 million viewers
  • Middle East 1 million
  • Asia 56 million
  • North America 36 million
  • South America & Africa – not known


  • 100 TV Channels / 117 broadcast hours
  • 13 million viewers
  • Trans World Sport & Watersports World 45 million viewers


  • 120 HOURS

PressThe World Cup team also did some further distribution of its own. Working with the EBU ( European Broadcast Union ) viewers achieved in the Middle East and Poland added 13 million and 3 million. Contacts are also developing with the BBC distribution service. The Watersports World Magazine show covered all World Cup Stops and produced 6 million viewers. Trans World Sports distributed our World Cup show to 70 Broadcasters with estimated contacts of 25 million per week. Approximately 19 Airlines included our production in their In-Flight services.

In total, the 2007 international WORLD CUP audience was measured at 296.1 million.

While 2007 was an encouraging year for the World Cup series, plans for 2008 are even more ambitious. The next phase will see a further increase in the distribution of News edits and Magazine TV shows – but there will also be a significant step forward in the world of New Media. Watch out for some hot news on this in the coming weeks!