From the very start, the challenge undertaken by the International Waterski Federation was enormous. The prime objectives of bringing the World’s best Waterski and Wakeboard athletes to highly populated downtown locations and increasing the level of World-wide Media awareness, were never going to be easy. The final Stop of the World Cup in the exotic location of Doha in Qatar last weekend brought this inaugural global adventure finally to an end for 2004.

The total cash prize for the Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup was $650,000. The official tow-boat sponsor, MasterCraft, provided all the competition boats and full technical support around the World.

The accumulated scores of each Stop have now been calculated by the International Waterski Federation. Following the Stop in Qatar, the IWSF announced the 2004 Men’s World Cup Champions as follows.

1. Chris Parrish ( USA)
2. Jodi Fisher (GBR)
3. Glen Campbell (GBR)
4. Terry Winter (USA)
1. Russell Gay (USA)
2. Jaret Llewellyn  (CAN)
3. Nicolas LeForestier (FRA)
4. Alexei Zharnosek (BLR)
1. Freddy Krueger (USA)
2. Jaret Llewellyn (CAN)
3. Kyle Eade (NZL)
4. Jason Seels (GBR)
1. Daniel Watkins (AUS)
2. Phillip Soven (USA)
3. Brett Eisenhower (AUS)
4. Jeff Weatherall (NZL)

Each of the Stops in the important markets of France, Russia, Great Britain, China, Singapore and Qatar had a special flavor. On-site spectator numbers peaked in Dubna, Russia at 34,000. China delivered the largest live TV audience of over 400 million via 209 networked Stations. Singapore excelled in Public Relations by achieving an estimated $2,000,000 worth of local Newspaper, Radio and TV coverage for just this single World Cup Stop. Over 375,000 News Releases were issued to general Media and Sponsor contacts in 192 countries during the season. TV News edits, distributed by Satellite through Eurovision, Reuters and others, were produced on a very tight schedule for every World Cup Stop. The media research organization, Tvnewsdata, estimated that the resulting total number of contacts made was 151,000,000 in Europe and Russia, 199,000,000 in Asia and 8,600,000 in other regions. Pro-Active Television produced and distributed world-wide a 26 minute edited programme on the six Stops. Broadcasters continue to transmit these on a regular basis to further raise the profile of the sport.

Having achieved all of the prime objectives set by the IWSF for this first Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup season, an announcement will be made early in the new year on the details for 2005. New formats and venues plus increased prize money will be added to the programme.

CONTACT : Des Burke-Kennedy, Media Chairman, International Waterski Federation

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