Within two hours of the completion of the World Cup Prize Presentation at the Volga River Stadium in Dubna Russia, the regular short World Cup NEWS EDIT was distributed via Satellite in Moscow to an estimated 300 million audience. Stage One of the media assignment complete !

Editing our World Cup TV Show

Editing our World Cup TV Show

Stage two is always a bit more complex. Immediately after each World Cup Stop, our World Cup TV Production team departs at dawn the following morning and heads to our ProActive TV Studio in Bristol, England. Over two days of tape are reviewed, clips selected and the rough cut is compiled. The final stage is the voice/over and application of our World Cup logo and results graphics, etc. All of this is completed within three or four days of the Prize Presentation – not an easy task when the Studio is often on the other side of the globe. Here you can see Des Burke-Kennedy / IWSF Media & Marketing Chairman and Andy Grierson of ProActive TV completing the v/o commentary. The Show is then distributed via the EBU and others to an additional 200 million viewers. After 27 World Cup TV Shows, the routine is now well oiled !

For those located in Western Europe, here are some broadcast times to note of the WATERSPORTS Show on the SKYSPORTS Network:

05/08/09 22.00-23.00 Sky Sports Xtra
06/08/09 12.00-13.00 Sky Sports 3
06/08/09 15.00-16.00 Sky Sports 3
09/08/09 06.00-07.00 Sky Sports 3
09/08/09 22.00-23.00 Sky Sports 2
10/08/09 02.00-03.00 Sky Sports 3
11/08/09 04.00-05.00 Sky Sports 1

Also ESPN Star will start showing the programme in the Hotwater series on August 5th. If we get those exact times, we will put them here on our World Cup site.

BBC Worldwide have also distributed the Dubna Russia World Cup Stop TV show to the following :
Fox Sports – Australia
Canal + – France
Nova Sport – Greece