Russian Records for Vladimir Rianzin

Russian Records for Vladimir Rianzin and Tatiana Churakova


Earlier this month, we congratulated World Cup Star Tatiana Churakova on setting a new Russian Tricks Record which was held by the legendary Natalia Rumiantseva for almost a generation ! Now it is time to report another Russian magical moment – and this time it is for Vladimir Rianzin.

Jumper Vladimir Rianzin has been steadily catching up on fellow Russian World Cup Star and National Record Holder Dr.Igor Morozov. We have watched and enjoyed his battles at World Cup Stops in Dubna, Russia over the years. His training over the past winter in Florida has now really paid off. On May 20th, he headed for Okahumpka in Central Florida to Jack Traver’s Sunset Lakes Ski School for the Last Chance Qualifier for the 2012 US Masters at Callaway Gardens with his fingers crossed. With a nice light headwind, conditions were perfect. While he got very close to the US Masters qualifying level, he also achieved a lifetime dream by boosting Russia’s new Jump Record to 65.7m.

Congratulations Vladimir – and we look forward to seeing you at another World Cup Stop soon.

To watch the May 26/27 US Masters live all the way from Callaway Gardens, here is the Webcast link :