We have just received this message from New Zealand from Murray Eade, World Cup Star Kyle’s father, with a very moving summary of the past week. Very soon, Kyle will have access to a Laptop and will be able to see the extraordinary number of good wishes from all his many friends around the world. A total of 3,487 messages have already been posted on  Scot and Roger Ellis have also done a wonderful job on in setting up a Trust Fund to help contribute to the unavoidable costs facing the family. Ryan and Sarah Green have also set up a fund in Australia. This global generosity is just another reminder of what a great sport we have and how thoughtful so many people are when one of us is in trouble and needs help. As you read this Kiwi, we hope it makes that Hospital Room feel a bit more crowded with your friends.

Scot Ellis & Kiwi at Fluid Ski & Sports last month

Scot Ellis & Kiwi at Fluid Ski & Sports last month

A week has passed since the jump accident Kyle had, where he incurred fractures to his C4 & C5 vertebrae.

It has been a long, tough week for his family but more so for Kyle.  His normal, tough and determined attitude has been sorely tested as he lies immobilsed in his hospital bed, trying so hard to exercise his arms, and trying even harder to achieve some movement from his lower body.

We cling to every little piece of positive progress, and I personally saw the strength in his arms although minimal, improve over the last weekend.

Kyle has had a couple of high spirit days earlier in the week but then several days when the efforts he is making have just absolutely exhausted him.

The doctor believes there was a tiny movement in the foot/toes on Wednesday which hopefully is a sign of another small mountain climbed.

The other good news is that Kyle is shifting to the Burwood Spinal Unit at 9.00a.m. today.  It will take the ambulance 1 hr to travel the 10km from the hospital to Burwood.

The address of the Burwood Spinal Unit where Kyle will be for several months is:

Burwood Hospital
Cnr Mairehau & Burwood Rds
CHRISTCHURCH 8083 New Zealand

Kyle is really looking forward to settling into a room at Burwood and taking advantage of all the special setups for spinal patients, to watch television (on the ceiling) to use his computer (screen up on the roof also I believe) etc.

The family has an apartment in the Spinal Unit grounds so we should be able to settle the little boys into something more comfortable and semi permanent (at least for a while.)

We have printed out and read every one of the hundreds & hundreds of messages of support, prayers and comfort that Kyle has received from all over the World.

The warmth and generosity of the Water Ski Community and Kyle & Karyn’s many friends has just been overwhelming and Kyle wishes to thank each and every one of you.

Kyle and ourselves really draw on the good wishes & lovely comments and I am sure it makes a huge difference to his will to progress and improve.

Thank you all so much.