Krueger, LeForestier, Beauchesne, Hamrick, Nightingale and Fladbord Heading For World Cup in Dubna, Russia

KRUEGER, LeFORESTIER, BEAUCHESNE, HAMRICK, NIGHTINGALE AND FLADBORG HEADING FOR WORLD CUP IN DUBNA, RUSSIA Dubna, just north of Moscow, is the centre of attention right now for the World of Waterskiing. With over 30 million active participants in 92 Countries, all will be following this spectacular Stop of the World Cup series with great interest. [...]

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IWSF Announces Record Cash Prize For 2005 Wakeboard World Cup

IWSF ANNOUNCES RECORD CASH PRIZE FOR 2005 WAKEBOARD WORLD CUP  After a successful first year in 2004, the World Wakeboard Council (WWC) of the IWSF is pleased to announce the start of the 2005 Wakeboard World Cup series. With a total Cash Prize fund of US$230,000, this is the largest Cash Prize on offer anywhere [...]

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Waterski World Cup To Grab Russian Spotlight For Dubna

WATERSKI WORLD CUP TO GRAB RUSSIAN SPOTLIGHT FOR DUBNA This month last year, the City of Dubna north of Moscow in Russia, created a perfect stage for the best Waterski athletes in the World. With 54,000 spectators over two days, 56 Journalists and 10 TV Companies present - and great performances on the water, it [...]

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Cash Prize of US$ 500,000 For 2005 Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup

CASH PRIZE OF US$ 500,000 FOR 2005 WATERSKI & WAKEBOARD WORLD CUP The successful 2004 global tour brought the sports of Waterski and Wakeboard to thousands of new spectators in unique downtown locations. These ranged from the Bedok Reservoir in Singapore to the Volga River in Russia, from the Qatar shores of the Arabian Gulf, [...]

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France Sets Stylish Standard For First 2005 World Cup

FRANCE SETS STYLISH STANDARD FOR FIRST 2005 WORLD CUP Breakfast and chandeliers at Fouquet’s in Paris on a sunny morning is about as ritzy as it gets. This was the venue chosen today to formally announce the first Stop of the 2005 Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup. Mayor Philippe Sueur of Enghien-les-Bains met the Press [...]

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Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup 2005 Selection Criteria Announced By IWSF

The International Waterski Federation today announced the selection criteria for the 2005 Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural event which featured Stops in France, Britain, Russia, Singapore, China and Qatar, this new programme will again focus on downtown locations which attract large numbers of spectators. The full 2005 [...]

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Waterski & Wakeboard 2004 World Cup Champions Announced

AUSTRALIA AND USA TAKE WORLD TITLES From the very start, the challenge undertaken by the International Waterski Federation was enormous. The prime objectives of bringing the World’s best Waterski and Wakeboard athletes to highly populated downtown locations and increasing the level of World-wide Media awareness, were never going to be easy. The final Stop of [...]

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Qatar Ready For Spectacular Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup Final

The waiting is over. It has been a long journey across Europe, Russia, Asia and the Arabian Gulf. The World’s best Waterski and Wakeboard athletes from eleven countries are now preparing in Doha, Qatar, for the hectic schedule which will decide who will become the 2004 World Cup champions. Depending on local weather conditions, the [...]

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