Doha Ready For Both The Wakeboard World Championships And The Wakeboard World Cup Series Final

DOHA READY FOR BOTH THE WAKEBOARD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS AND THE WAKEBOARD WORLD CUP SERIES FINAL With a population of 907,000, Qatar in the Arabian Gulf is well used to boxing way beyond its weight. The Country successfully hosted the 15th Asian Games last December. An investment of $2.8 billion in infrastructure and sports facilities in [...]

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Wakeboard World Cup Sees Dallas Friday (USA) Make Triumphant Return To Singapore And Philip Soven (USA) Win Four In A Row

WAKEBOARD WORLD CUP SEES DALLAS FRIDAY (USA) MAKE TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO SINGAPORE AND PHILIP SOVEN (USA) WIN FOUR IN A ROW The second last 2007 Singapore Stop of the Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup series of the International Water Ski Federation (IWSF) was a major test for the best Wakeboard Riders in the World. Thirty [...]

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Singapore Prepares For Star-Studded 20th World Cup Stop With 31 Riders Contending For The Title Of IWSF Wakeboard World Cup Champion

SINGAPORE PREPARES FOR STAR-STUDDED 20th WORLD CUP STOP WITH 31 RIDERS CONTENDING FOR THE TITLE OF IWSF WAKEBOARD WORLD CUP CHAMPION Having completed the final Waterski World Cup Stop in Enniskillen in Northern Ireland ten days ago, it is now time for the last two Wakeboard Stops in Singapore and Qatar in this successful global [...]

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Season Overall Winners Announced For Waterskiers In The 2007 Waterski And Wakeboard World Cup Series

SEASON OVERALL WINNERS ANNOUNCED FOR WATERSKIERS IN THE 2007 WATERSKI AND WAKEBOARD WORLD CUP SERIES The completion of the 19th World Cup Stop in Northern Ireland last weekend was the last of 2007 for Waterskiers. Two more Stops remain for Wakeboarders in Singapore on September 22nd and 23rd and in Doha, Qatar, on November 3rd. [...]

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Thrilling Waterski World Cup Stop In Northern Ireland Sees Some Old Scores Settled In Perfect Conditions

THRILLING WATERSKI WORLD CUP STOP IN NORTHERN IRELAND SEES SOME OLD SCORES SETTLED IN PERFECT CONDITIONS One week ago, six Waterski athletes won the titles of World Champion at the bi-annual World Championships staged this year in Austria. Just one week later, at the Enniskillen Stop of the Waterski World Cup series in Northern Ireland, [...]

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Waterski World Cup Stop In Northern Ireland This Weekend Attracts Five World Champions To Enniskillen

WATERSKI WORLD CUP STOP IN NORTHERN IREALND THIS WEEKEND ATTRACTS FIVE WORLD CHAMPIONS TO ENNISKILLEN Just one week ago, the new 2007 Waterski World Champions earned their titles in Austria. This coming weekend, they will face their first major test in the final  Waterski World Cup Stop of 2007. The possibility of adding the title [...]

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USA, Canada And France Take Team And Overall Titles At Waterski World Championships In Austria

USA, CANADA AND FRANCE TAKE TEAM AND OVERALL TITLES AT WATERSKI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN AUSTRIA When the individual Slalom, Tricks and Jump titles were announced at the Waterski World Championships in Linze-Steyregg in Austria, the final and most challenging Overall titles yet to be declared were hard fought battles of the very highest order. With [...]

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France, Italy, Great Britain, Greece and USA Take Gold Medals at Waterski World Championships In Austria

FRANCE, ITALY, GREAT BRITAIN, GREECE, AND USA TAKE GOLD MEDALS AT WATERSKI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN AUSTRIA By the end of the 2007 Waterski World Championships in Linz-Steyregg in Austria, four previous World Championships Records were broken. This result is unprecedented in the long history of Waterskiing. With 182 athletes from 41 Countries participating, the performance [...]

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Austria To Host Athletes From Forty One Nations At The Bi-Annual Waterski World Championships In Linz

AUSTRIA TO HOST ATHLETES FROM FORTY ONE NATIONS AT THE BI-ANNUAL WATERSKI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN LINZ The International Water Ski Federation (IWSF) is the world governing body for Towed Water Sports and is represented in all Continents by National Federations. It is recognized as the sole Waterski authority by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). With [...]

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Waterski World Cup In Northern Ireland – Enniskillen Stop To Deliver Season Champions Once Again

WATERSKI WORLD CUP IN NORTHERN IRELAND ENNISKILLEN STOP TO DELIVER SEASON CHAMPIONS ONCE AGAIN The nineteenth Stop of the highly successful Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup series is now heading for the picturesque town of Enniskillen in Northern Ireland. It all takes place on September 7/9 With the thrilling conclusion to the previous Stop in [...]

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