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    liuzhou-scot-ellis-flyingmastercraft-300-1.jpgdsc_8041dsc_8249singd2shelbyrail.jpgsing5-tanks.jpgliu-x-star-angels-clownMandy Nightingale takes Dubna Shortboard Titlemoom-june.jpgdubna-ladies-tdsc_4449dsc_4177Putrajaya sitedubna-winners-tm.jpgfr3g8656statue_0dubna-nations-flags.jpgdubna-birds-eyesingd2deanskyline.jpgp-ladies-slalom.jpgdubna-jaret-1p-davide-girls.jpgdsc_8082fr3g8123Wakeboard World Cup winners in Dohanatalia-1egypt-5-hacienda-bay.jpgdsc_4285dsc_0567q-tricks-m.jpgpx-all-winnersmandurah-11877k1389.jpgdoha-nick-parsons.jpg
Entries from September 2011
European Cable Wakeboard 2011 Championships Attract Record Twenty One Countries To Belgrade
September 5th, 2011 by nox969

Waterskiing- 05 Sep 2011 The rapid growth of Cable Wakeboard was clear for all to see at the weekend at the 13th European Cable Wakeboard Championships. An estimated six new Cable Parks are opening each month at the moment and 51 countries already have the facilities in place. At a time when environmental issues are […]

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