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    man-tzukoCheering Fans In Dubna Russialin-3p-site-2.jpgphillip-soven-3dubna-ageliki-jump.jpgb8singd2shelbyrail.jpgd-mandy.jpgd-nick-davies.jpgraimi-merrittmandurah-2lin-1liuzhou-2-mastercrafts877k1389.jpgman-w-bman-harlegypt-group.jpgman-m-b_0sing5-tanks.jpgjaret.jpgdubna-ladies-jump-finalists.jpgman-w-j_0World Cup Slalom winner Natalie Hamrick (USA) celebrates in Russianight-sparks.jpgfr3g6586-2dsc_8202dubna-packed.jpgdubna-winners-fans.jpgdubna-freddydubna-nic-tvb4liuzhou-harley-clifforddsc_8011

With the Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup 2009 Calendar to be released soon, the new season for our World Cup Stars is just around the corner. This is an exciting time for our sport. For the top 20 Waterski and Wakeboard athletes who have emerged from the 30,000,000 active Skiers and Riders around the world, they see this off-season period of the past few months as a real opportunity to prepare for even better performances in the coming season.

Waterski World Cup Stars

Waterski World Cup Stars

Did you ever wonder how our World Cup super stars prepare for the huge challenge ahead, the enormous air miles on the horizon, the challenging weather and climate possibilities and the essential physical preparations ? Well, over the coming few weeks, we will give you some insight to this – AND WE THINK YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED ! Nobody reaches the World Cup podiums without a very special talent. However, rigid preparation is the key to great performances and we will bring you the insights here in the coming days.

For all the latest World Cup NEWS on our Skiers and Riders, make sure you bookmark www.waterskiandwakeboardworldcup.com