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We all know that the YouTube audience is enormous and growing. Some weird topics attract huge numbers of viewers. One Video clip uploaded in 2006 has so far attracted 8,490,350 fans. The subject was – World Record For Wearing The Most T-Shirts.  More serious items sometimes attract less than 100. All take some time to reach the higher numbers.

We thought that you might like to see where some Waterski Video clips rank on the viewers scale. Over the past few weeks, we have uploaded clips from our current World Cup series and they are already building up some interesting numbers. We will monitor those over the coming months to see what happens.

Freddy and Ageliki

Freddy and Ageliki

Here is a random list of events and the numbers who watched the YouTube Video clips :

  • Freddy Krueger USA – 2005 World Jump Record – 50,984
  • Freddy Krueger USA – 2007 World Jump Record – 63,513
  • Freddy Krueger USA – 2008 World Jump Record – 6,054
  • Chris Parrish USA – 2007 running 39 off  – 29,417
  • Jaret Llewellyn CAN – World Jump Record 240ft – 27,277
  • Jamie Beauchesne USA – 2007 Video Clip – 26,112
  • Nicolas LeForestier FRA – 12,400 World Tricks Record – 14,477