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    moom-june.jpgmoom-clem.jpgdubna-men-shortboard-finalists.jpgfm4p3171-2egypt-3-wc-shirt.jpgmcdsc_8509man-sianliuzhou-rusty-malinoskijpgWhat a sight - 30,000 spectators will sit here !fm4p3278fr3g9211man-w-t_0egypt-9-phillip-soven-obstacle.jpgdubna-marion-aynaudq-aaron.jpgWorld Cup Doha Trick Winnersdubna-happy-fansegypt-fans.jpgfr3g8123fr3g9282egypt-5-hacienda-bay.jpgdsc_8181liuzhou-jaret-llewellynfreddy4.jpgpx-women-slalomWorld Cup in Russia with 30,000 cheering spectatorsd-robbie-rendo.jpgdubna-conference-roomfr3g6089sarawak-3_0man-m-j_0egypt-7-close-action.jpgclem-tv.jpg

Just one week ago, our World Cup Team was wrapping up and heading for home. Since then, our Team has been burning the midnight oil in spreading the word !  Already, our 26 minute World Cup TV Show has been edited, finalised and distributed to over 500 million viewers. Our Singapore World Cup photos have been sorted, captioned and sent to leading Magazines around the world. NOW IT IS YOUR TURN !

Shelby Kantar USA at our Singapore World Cup Rail Jam 2008

Shelby Kantar USA at our Singapore World Cup Rail Jam 2008

Here you can now access all our Singapore 2008 Video clips – and also see a great range of action photos. Check out our World Cup Gallery. The spectacular scenes and background at night and during the day have created some amazing scenes. We hope you enjoy them too.

Next Stop – Waterski World Cup Stop in Putrajaya, Malaysia on Novemeber 7/9