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    put-fred-ryan-jaret.jpgdoha-jodi-fisher.jpgraimiman-m-jman-tzuko_0b19marie-va4dsc_8071jodi-fisher-3.jpgJaret Llewellyn (CAN) on World Cup camerafred-agel.jpgmoom-aliaksei.jpgdsc_8491dubna-crowdsliuzhou-prorider-winnerssarawak-2877k1863.jpgdsc_7950man-fred_0statue_0liu-ladies-jumpegypt-4-fans.jpgdoha-chrisp.jpg8 TV Cameras on siteFreddy Krueger (USA) wows Russian Jump Fansdsc_0189dubnajody.jpgdubna-ladies-shortboard-finalists.jpgd-clairs.jpgputrajaya-poster-a.jpgman-m-tliu-ladies-wakeq-wbord.jpg

Negotiating that huge Obstacle in Egypt

Negotiating that huge Obstacle in Egypt

The 26 minute edited TV show of the exciting World Cup Stop in Egypt was distributed to 200 million viewers via the WATERSPORTS WORLD TV show.

While this is circulated around the globe, getting exact local viewing times for you is a major challenge. There are hundreds of TV schedules involved. We have received the SKYSPORTS Satellite broadcast times for Western Europe – so make sure you catch one of these in the coming days – and just watch out for the all new OBSTACLE COURSE constructed by the World Cup Riders them selves :

  • 24.09.08        19.00-20.00         Sky Sports Xtra
  • 25.09.08        02.30-03.30         Sky Sports Xtra
  • 25.09.08        12.00-13.00         Sky Sports Xtra
  • 25.09.08        16.30-17.30         Sky Sports 2
  • 28.09.08        06.30-07.30         Sky Sports Xtra
  • 29.09.08        01.00-02.00         Sky Sports 2