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Freddy Krueger (USA)
How would you like to have the perfect Waterski parents ! Dad has broken the World Jump Record six times since 1999, still holds the World Record today, is the World Jump Champion, World Cup Jump Champion and Masters Jump Champion. Mum scores 5 buoys on

Freddy Krueger (USA)

the 10.75m line / 39 off and

Karen Truelove (USA)

has rarely been out of the World’s top two Slalom Rankings in the past four years. The good news is that  Freddy Krueger and his wife Karen Truelove are expecting their first baby next March. CONGRATULATIONS from all the World Cup Team.  Two great athletes will not have as much free time from that point on !  Best wishes to you both.

Don’t forget to watch out for our next Waterski World Cup Stop to see Freddy and Karen in action in Putrajaya Malaysia on November 7/9. The Webcast details will be highlighted here on our World Cup site shortly.  Just before that, the World Cup Team will stage the next Wakeboard World Cup Stop on October 10/12 in Singapore.