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    egypt-6-andrew-adkison.jpgfm4p3278fm4p3171-2singapore2.jpgpx-men-shortboarddsc_8198dubna-whitney-mcclintock-action.jpgHerman Beliakou BLRChangshu Cina welcomes World Cup Athletesbabyk.jpgdallas.jpgdubna-birds-eyeman-w-jegypt-fans.jpgsing5-tanks.jpgdsc_6815Putrajaya Pullman Hotelpx-freddy-airryan-fitz.jpgsar-crowdSpellbound World Cup Jump fans on Russia's Volga Riverb17liuzhou-men-jump-winnersmarie-vmandurah-8marina-bay-floating-platform.jpgput-fred-ryan-jaret.jpgdubna-happy-fansjune-fliuzhou-freddy-kruegeregypt-2-rusty.jpgmandurah-3World Cup Rider Rusty Malinoski (CAN) and Singapore fansfr3g4243

New Team Members For 2008Having successfully completed 21 Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup Stops around the Globe, the 2008 season will add yet another SIX Stops to this adventure. They will include Russia, Egypt, Singapore, India, Malaysia and Qatar. At this time, discussions are taking place with venues for as far ahead as 2012. The future looks good !

To cope with the heavy demands of this major 2008 global tour and beyond, additional new talents will be added to the experienced Waterski World Cup Committee this year. Congratulations to our new World Cup Team members :

Larry Giesler - Argentina

Emmanuel Lion - France

Dimos Alexopoulos - Greece