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    egypy-phillip-action.jpgdsc_0100dubna-jaret-1marie-vjune.jpgnight-sparks.jpgmoom-jaret.jpgWorld Cup Slalom winner Natalie Hamrick (USA) celebrates in Russiadubna-jaret-4doha-nick-parsons.jpghuge-dubna-sign.jpgman-t-3px-freddy-air877k1586.jpgsarawak-2dubna-winners-tm.jpgthe-site_0sarah-family.jpgfm4p3278fr3g8656World Cup Jumper Kyle Eade (NZL) thrills Doha in Qatardubna-crowds-2sing6-mcraft.jpgfm4p3322dubna-winner-natalia.jpgman-chopperman-w-b_0dubna-freddy-krueger-ramp.jpgmandurah-5fr3g9211b12az0c4316dubna-mens-jliuzhou-tv
The Best of 30,000,000 Declared By The International Waterski Federation
January 27th, 2005 by nox969

With over 30 million participants and 52,000 competitors in 92 countries around the World, rising to the top of such a group is a daunting test of skill and dedication. However, those gifted few who succeed against such odds truly deserve the spotlight as we prepare for another new season on the water. The International […]

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